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Tuesday,  May 28

The Huddle: Jack White - Control The Controllables

Jack White joins Pete Hooley to discuss his rollercoaster NBA experiences in recent years, including a championship with the Denver Nuggets, as well as what it is like to be back in Australia preparing for the NBL, his next NBA opportunity and the Boomers.

Wednesday,  April 24

The Huddle: Angus Glover - A Fresh Chapter

After years of many highs and lows with the Sydney Kings, Angus Glover is excited for a fresh chapter in the Heartland, with the South East Melbourne Phoenix. Pete Hooley sits down with him to discuss free agency, his Sydney years, injuries and future with the Phoenix.

Sunday,  April 21

The Marketplace: Best Available Free Agents

Who’s left on the Free Agency board, who are the Free Agency winners so far and who’s next move is the most important one? Jack Heverin, Olgun Uluc and Pete Hooley have their say plus, news on Will McDowell-White, Marcus Lee and more.

Monday,  April 8

The Huddle: Brian Goorjian - Return Of The King

Arguably the greatest NBL coach ever, Brian Goorjian, has returned to the team that he coached to three consecutive NBL championships (2003-2005), the Sydney Kings. Pete Hooley talks to ‘Goorj’ about his next coaching chapter with the Kings, the Boomers and how important culture is to any team in basketball.

Monday,  March 18

The Marketplace: Xavier Cooks Reportedly Returning To Sydney Kings

 ESPN’s Olgun Uluc has reported that former Sydney Kings MVP Xavier Cooks is returning to the club on a 3 year deal, which is set to be the largest in NBL history. Jack Heverin talks to Olgun about all of the details on this episode of The Marketplace.

Sunday,  March 17

Coca-Cola Cool Down: Game 1 Championship Series, NBL24

Melbourne United land the first punch in the Championship Series, taking a 1-1 lead. Jack Heverin and Derek Rucker break it down and talk through how exactly they did it on the Coca-Cola Cool Down.

Thursday,  February 29

The Huddle: Todd Blanchfield - Mr. 400

On the verge of cracking game 400, Todd Blanchfield talks about the journey it has been, his continued love for the game and even admitting that he himself has thought about hitting the 500 game milestone.

Monday,  February 19

Live From The MVP Awards Night - NBL Now

Joel Peterson and Damon Lowery are live at the Andrew Gaze MVP Awards Night as they cover all the glitz and glam from a big night.

Sunday,  February 18

Jo Lual-Acuil Jr. Podcast - Resilience (Under The Surface)

Jo Lual Acuil Jr, NBL star for Melbourne United, gives us an honest and raw insight into everything that he has been through in life. Some serious challenges along the way where he was literally fighting to survive has made him realise that basketball adversity isn’t real adversity. Fleeing South Sudan on foot at 3 years old, the NBA shutting him down due to heart conditions, being told he’d never play again at 18 years old - these are just a few insights Jo gives us but through it all he has remained strong, confident and is where he is today because of that mindset.

Wednesday,  January 24

The Huddle: Justin Tatum - My Coaching Identity

How did a 6’7 defensive forward playing in Saint Louis find himself decades later as a professional head coach in Wollongong, Australia? It’s the story of Justin Tatum and he even admits to finding his situation unique. Now as the head coach for the Illawarra Hawks, Justin Tatum talks about his coaching identity, the Hawks culture shift and his son, NBA star Jayson Tatum and what that upbringing was like.

Thursday,  January 4

Bryce Cotton Podcast - The Two Sides Of Me (Under The Surface)

Everyone knows Bryce Cotton the basketball player but even he admits that Bryce Cotton the person is a bit of a “mystery man”. Bryce gives us a great insight into who he is and explains that often there is seemingly two sides to him. Many see the quiet, professional side but there’s a different, louder side to him that he hopes to show more of in the media space moving forward. Mindset, self belief, NBA opportunities, making Australia his home, the NBL GOAT conversation and much more is discussed in this chat with Perth Wildcat and NBL legend, Bryce Cotton.

Sunday,  December 10

The Huddle: Ian Clark - At The End Of The Day, We All Win

He's a champion in the NBL, a champion in the NBA, needless to say Ian Clark knows a thing or two about winning. Pete Hooley spoke to the Melbourne United guard about his time in the NBA, the wild ride on the 73-9 Golden State Warriors team, his 'needed' college experience at Belmont and also what it's like being a teammate now of Chris Goulding.

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